Charity Adoption

turtlecoin Sea Turtle Charity Adoption

At Pool Party's new charity program for the World Wildlife Fund Sea Turtle Adoption Program.
100% of our pool fees will be donated to the WWF. The minimum adoption amount is $25, so when we reach $50 we will adopt two sea turtles!

For more than 100 million years sea turtles have covered vast distances across the world's oceans, filling a vital role in the balance of marine habitats.
Read more about sea turtles here at the WWF website.

Fundamental Link in Marine Ecosystems

Sea turtles are the live representatives of a group of reptiles that have existed on Earth and traveled our seas for the last 100 million years. Sea turtles fill a vital role in the balance of marine habitats, covering vast distances across the world's oceans. They help maintain the health of sea grass beds and coral reefs that benefit commercially valuable species such as shrimp, lobster and tuna.

Want to help even more? Donate directly to our charity wallet: TRTLuyu1nY95zy6LxzXiFyaWJGhcT1rMeGsDvyMV2RSo8sQbiXnuEBygcsFHfA52bFEMCtY82jK9iMYVCs96438ELs7k4E9eBJ4