Gettings started

1. Download XMR-STAK miner from our webserver - HERE -

XMR Stak win64

2.   Extract the zipfile to a folder.

Extract XMR Stak win64

The contents of the folder should look like this.

XMR Stak win64

3.   Open the POOLS.TXT file using notepad or notepad++.

Inside POOLS.TXT go to the part that says “WRITE_YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS_HERE” and change it to your Turtle wallet as shown below but with your own address.


4.   Next, save your POOLS.TXT and double click the application titled START.BAT.
You will now see this window.

Pool logged in
When prompted with “Pool logged in.” you know the miner is working.

5.   Next, add your Wallet Address to the “Your Stats” search field on the homepage.

Wallet address

6.   After searching for your wallet address it will take a few minutes to populate.
Once it’s populated you will be able to see your Pending Balance, Total Paid, Last Share Submitted, Hash Rate, and your Total Hases Submitted.

Payments will be made to your wallet address once you mine 1000 Turtles.
Good job! You are now on your way to be a Turtle millionaire!

Wallet address